Celebrating Excellence: The Thrill of Winning a Business Award

Just recently we have written numerous business awards entries for clients that are on a retainer. We are proud to say that our involvement has helped to ensure their entries have been successfully shortlisted. Even better, we have just found out that Mather Jamie won their category – with further entries still going through the judging process or awaiting award ceremonies!

Why enter?

Recognition for outstanding achievements in the business world is a moment of immense pride and validation for any company. Winning a business award signifies more than just a trophy; it is a testament to a company’s dedication, innovation, and commitment to excellence. In this article, we will delve into the significance of winning a business award, the journey to victory, and the enduring benefits it brings.

The Thrill of Victory

Picture the scene: You and your team are dressed in your finest attire, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners at a prestigious business award ceremony. Your heart races as the award sponsor or host opens the envelope and calls out your company’s name as the winner. The rush of excitement that follows is a blend of surprise, joy, and pride, all wrapped up in a single moment.

Validation of Hard Work

Winning a business award is the ultimate validation of your team’s hard work and dedication. It acknowledges the countless hours, relentless efforts, and sleepless nights you and your team have put into your business. It reaffirms that your vision, mission, and strategies have not only been recognised but celebrated by experts and peers in your industry.

Boost to Morale

The moment your company’s name is announced as a winner, there’s an immediate boost to team morale. Employees feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their association with a winning company. This renewed enthusiasm can lead to increased motivation, productivity, a stronger sense of unity within the team, and access to a greater pool of talent wanting to join a successful business.

The Journey to Victory

While the victory is indeed thrilling, it’s essential to remember that the path to winning a business award is not an easy one. It often involves a combination of factors, including strategic planning, consistent effort, and a commitment to excellence. 

The process of preparing your submission should not be taken lightly as there has to be sufficient compelling evidence that you can meet the judging criteria. This stage often puts people off either due to the effort, or the lack of a solid story. Don’t let this put you off though as this process highlights improvements you can make to enter next year, but equally, you have no idea how strong other entries will be. So sometimes it is worth the effort. Even getting on the shortlist will get lots of favourable publicity!

Excellence in Operations

Business awards are typically based on specific criteria, such as innovation, customer service, or sustainability. Winning companies demonstrate excellence in these areas, going above and beyond industry standards. This excellence often involves staying ahead of market trends, adapting to changing customer needs, and continuously improving processes.

Effective Networking

Building relationships and networking within your industry is key to being considered for awards. Active involvement in industry associations, participation in conferences, and collaboration with peers can open doors to opportunities that might lead to an award nomination.

Crafting a Compelling Nomination

To be recognised for an award, you must articulate your company’s achievements effectively. Crafting a compelling nomination is crucial. Highlight your company’s unique selling points, showcase your commitment to corporate social responsibility, and provide evidence of the impact your business has made on its industry and community. All too often as a judge, we have read entries that don’t get to the crucial facts quickly enough. There is an art to writing a compelling submission within the allocated word count. Getting in expert copywriters is often a very worthy investment.

Long Term Benefits

Winning a business award is more than just a trophy to display in your office; it offers a multitude of enduring benefits for your company.

Enhanced Reputation

A business award enhances your company’s reputation and credibility. It tells clients, partners, and investors that you are a trusted and respected player in your industry, increasing your appeal to potential customers and partners.

Marketing Opportunities

Awards provide excellent marketing material. You can incorporate the recognition into your marketing campaigns, website, and promotional materials, which can lead to increased brand visibility and customer trust.

Attraction of Talent

Top talent is drawn to successful companies with a track record of excellence. Winning a business award can help you attract and retain skilled professionals who want to be part of a winning team.


Winning a business award is a thrilling achievement that brings immense pride and validation to any company. It represents the culmination of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. However, it’s important to remember that the journey to victory is as valuable as the award itself. The long term benefits of enhanced reputation, marketing opportunities, and talent attraction make the pursuit of excellence a worthwhile endeavour for any business. 

If you would like advice about which awards to enter or assistance to write your submission please get in touch.


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