Free keyword search tools

free keyword search tools

The savvy amongst you will have noticed that Google has quite annoyingly removed its free keyword search tools from analytics and you can only access this tool from an Adwords account.

This is quite sad really, because it was also a useful way of seeing within analytics what phrases visitors had typed into search when choosing to visit your website.

Whilst the above features will only now be available to you if you choose to set up an Awards account, we have found some very useful alternative free keyword search tools which may help you when writing content for your website.

Picking a keyword or phase for which you want to get found is often very competitive, so these tools help you work around the edges to identify what are called ‘long tail keywords’. These are phrases that are not an exact match, but are nonetheless valuable because these are alternatives that may still generate the web traffic you are seeking.

For example, at Simple Marketing Consultancy, we’d like to appear on page one for marketing consultant. But as small business in Nottingham it’s highly unlikely we will ever reach page one due to the sheer volume of marketing consultants there arena the UK. If however we use a keyword tool, we can pick off subject areas in which people are seeking advice related to our keyword, write an article about that topic and potentially stand a much better chance of appearing on page one. Either way, it’s a win win situation, because even if the content doesn’t reach page one – you’ll still have a unique piece of content and an advice article you can share or email to your contacts to elevate your corporate capability.

Answer public marketing search – example search for word marketing

One nifty tool we have found is It is a website that when you type in certain words or phrases it will give you some of the most popular words and phrases associated with your phrase. This may then help you to write your own content about that topic.

If you Google the phrase ‘Free Keyword Tool’ there are also a number of other alternatives such as  Keyword Tool, and Wordtracker.

The top ranked tool ‘MOZ’ is one of the many ‘paid for’ subscription based information sources to which most reputable website and SEO specialists will have access to and will use when helping you develop your digital online marketing strategy.

If you would like more advice on how to ensure your website content strategy drives more leads please get in touch.

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