Purpose Media take on two full time marketers

Purpose Media team in June 2016. Over 30 digital marketing experts.

Helping clients reach the point where they need full time marketers is one of the goals Simple Marketing Consultancy has when we start to work with our clients. It’s a significant milestone because it means the client is growing, and more importantly marketing is having a positive impact in their business.

Purpose Media is one the most recent examples of the success of this model.

Purpose Media branding in 2009

Purpose Media branding in 2009

I first started working with Purpose Media five years ago when the company comprised five people working out of an incubator unit in the Mansfield I-centre.

They are now a multi-award winning full service agency, employing 31 staff with a very bright future ahead of them.

When I established Simple Marketing Consultancy six years ago (this week as it happens!) our business model was to be the outsourced marketing manager to family and owner managed businesses who either don’t yet need a full time marketer or can’t quite afford a marketer, but need help to implement a plan.

With this mantra in mind, I believe Purpose Media is a very good example of the benefits this model can bring to companies who might be struggling with the lack of expertise or time to implement a marketing programme effectively.

Purpose Media repositioning as e-commerce website and on-line marketing specialists.

Purpose Media repositioned as e-commerce website and on-line marketing specialists in 2010.

Purpose Media now employ two highly qualified full-time marketers in Jon Smart (ex Chamber) and Jonny Stringer, and whilst it’s time for me to take a step back in to a non-executive role, this new era for Purpose Media is also exciting for us as it means we have the resources available to begin a similar journey with another company.

To quote Purpose Media Managing Director, Matt Wheatcroft, “Bev has been a fantastic asset to Purpose Media.  She can be justifiably proud of what has been achieved at Purpose Media and definitely consider us a success story.”

Purpose Media Logo June 2016. Bold capitals representing maturity and transition into being a full service agency.

Purpose Media Logo June 2016. Bold capitals representing maturity and transition into being a full service agency.

You can read the full story by clicking on this link

If you, or a business associate would welcome advice on marketing strategy, re-branding, digital & email marketing, PR or simply need tactical help to ensure their marketing programme is more co-ordinated and effective, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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