Why should you support charitable events?

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When working with clients I always like to encourage them to get involved in supporting charities and holding fundraising events.

Virgin Money LogoMost clients do not take much encouraging as they often have a cause that is very close to their heart that they wish to support.

Occasionally though, I am asked why?

In order to convince those that may initially be skeptical, my response is very clinical and initially focused on the business and financial benefits. I then list the more emotional ‘feel good factors” that helping a charity can achieve.

Business wise, the obvious benefits are as follows:

  • It can be morale building for your team to do something together. This increases productivity and team harmony.
  • Your customers, suppliers and future employees will view your company as having a good corporate social responsibility¬†policy and will want to supply, buy or work for you.
  • If you issue a press release and a photo before and/or after the event you will benefit from the additional profile which may attract more new business.
  • There can be some tax advantages from making donations to charities.
  • Your activities will help promote the charity and may encourage others to hold fundraising events.

Given that there are so many charities, how then do you choose which to support?

This can vary depending on personal choice. Perhaps you have an affinity to something personally, or someone you know has been affected by an illness or circumstance and you want to help the respective charity. Sometimes helping a local sports team is good for the community and has benefits to you as a local employer.

The choice is yours, although you may wish to ask your staff for ideas too!

In summary, supporting charities is a good thing for business, for your employees and good for the charity. Many charities no longer get any Government funding and rely solely on donations,
so whatever you can raise will be valued and appreciated.


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