Writing Awards Entries

Writing awards entries takes a significant amount of time and effort. It’s therefore important to ensure what is submitted gives you the very best chance of meeting the judging criteria and the chance to reach the shortlist and win overall.

We have written many successful awards entries, which is testament to our copywriting ability – but is more so a reflection of the approach taken when consulting with you to decide whether or not to enter the award.

As you would expect, awards winners have demonstrated above all else that they have met and exceeded the judging criteria. More importantly, they have presented key facts and information that have made their company stand out to the judges who may have many submissions to read and evaluate.

Our starting point when writing awards entries is therefore to read the entry pack and discuss the achievements your business can evidence in relation to the category and the criteria.

If we think you have sufficient evidence we will advise you to go for it. Sometimes, the evidence might not be totally convincing, but from our past experience of writing awards we’ll have a feel for whether what you have will be good enough compared to other entries in this category.

If at first you do not succeed with an awards entry – don’t give up – sometimes your first attempt may only result in a shortlist, but the awards process will have helped you identify where you have weaknesses such that improvements can be made to give you a better chance next year. There is no downside of doing this as even if you don’t win, the improvements will have benefited your business operationally.

As a result of the combination of strategic advice and the content of the awards submission, clients have won several prestigious local and national awards. These include; Manufacture of the Year, Entrepreneur of Year, Family Business of the Year, Apprentice of the Year, Exporter of the Year and numerous other trade specific awards.

Bev also helped Tenon to win the Marketing Society Star Award for best professional services brand and the European Managing Partners Forum Award for best brand in practice.


RSM Tenon won the Marketing Society Star Award for best professional services brand, the European Managing Partners Forum Award for best brand in practice.

A direct mail campaign targeted at high earners affected by the 50% tax rise won two industry awards for its results which generated six figure fees for a five figure budget!


If there is a business or trade award you would like to win and you’d like help collating the evidence and writing your award in a way that makes it succinct and easy for judges to evaluate, please get in touch.

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