Marketing Implementation

Stage three of the marketing planning process is the promotional plan and is the tactical part of marketing implementation.

The promotional plan solves the “How will we get there?”¬†question, and covers the strategic choices you will make in selecting which products and services you will promote and the choice of tactics you will use your marketing budget to actively promote.

This promotional plan often takes the form of a month by month calendar of activity for each tactical tool – hence why it is so often (wrongly) called a marketing plan.

This is where you decide which marketing tactics will be part of your marketing implementation. Choices may include:

  • Which exhibitions to attend or events to hold
  • Where to place advertising – paid or not?
  • Who or what to sponsor
  • How to use email marketing
  • A social media strategy
  • Website content and digital strategy
  • Raising your profile by using PR in local or trade media
  • Direct sales tactics such as personal selling and whether to use telemarketing to follow up direct mail and email marketing

The above decisions can be very costly and ineffective if not fully evaluated by someone with expert knowledge such as a chartered marketer.

All too often we have seen businesses come to regret spending thousands on advertising deals because they have got carried away by the great deal, or the supposed prestige or exclusivity of the offer, because they have forgotten or not bothered to ask simple questions that will reveal whether the deal really will generate business!

At Simple Marketing Consultancy we can help you set the right budget for your promotional activity and be there at the end of the phone as a sounding board for new ideas that can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Marketing Implementation

We’ll help you make informed decisions regarding the options available to promote your business.

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