Marketing Communications

The way your marketing communications help you keep in touch with your existing and prospective customers has a massive influence on their decision to buy from you and place repeat purchases.

In the early stages of making prospective customers aware of your services or products you’ll have to identify a need or problem that you can solve for them in order to create a desire or interest.

The AIDA model demonstrates this process perfectly and we see it as part of our role to help you develop communications that will provoke interest, generate leads and create brand loyalty.

AIDA Model

As chartered marketers we can help with:

  • Direct Mail: Create and send direct mail campaigns by post
  • Email Marketing: Create and manage email marketing campaigns and set automated ‘funnels’ for follow up action
  • Newsletters: Create content for email or hard copy printed or PDF electronic newsletters
  • Sales Campaigns: Creation of multi-touch point sales campaigns to help prospects move through the sales process from awareness to action.

We can help by writing sales letters and literature as well as the procurement of promotional gifts to accompany direct mail to ensure your message stands out from the crowd.

The content we write for your website and social media to build organic search and corporate capability which can also be re-purposed for use in engaging email campaigns that can be supported with carefully crafted case studies and testimonials that give further evidence of your reputation and expertise.

We are experts at writing copy that is engaging and will appeal to the buyer personas you are targeting so that your products and services are memorable. Our aim is to position you so that when  prospects are ready to buy you have an opportunity to convert marketing effort into revenue.

We’ll help you promote the features and benefits of your products and service, talk about the problems you can solve, and develop offers and calls to action that get acted upon to generate leads.

In short, we will ensure you have a fully integrated marketing communications plan for your promotional activity that maximises the effectiveness of the budget and resources available.

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