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All too often we have seen businesses come to regret spending thousands due to their ability to appraise and negotiate advertising & sponsorship deals effectively.

Sometimes it is because they have got carried away by the great deal, or the supposed prestige or exclusivity of the offer, sometimes its because they did not understand the need (or forgot to) to ask simple questions about readership profile that will reveal whether the deal really will generate business! Most reputable magazines and online publications will be able to send you a media pack. The most recognised body against which to check the circulation and readership of a media publication is the Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Nothing disappoints us more as these are the exact scenarios that contribute to marketing being given a bad name.

Very rarely have we seen one off adverts deliver any real success, and with the new opportunities that have arisen following the shift towards on-line advertising and sponsorship the decision-making process can be daunting.

We prefer to take a holistic view of all advertising and sponsorship deals in relation to the other marketing activities taking place so that each element compliments each other. The end result is a fully integrated marketing communications campaign that gives your initiative the best possible chance of success.

At Simple Marketing Consultancy, we can help you negotiate advertising & sponsorship deals that will help your business reach its target audience effectively. We know the questions to ask to ensure your campaign will work and be a complementary element to make a specific campaign more effective. We can also be there as a sounding board for new ideas so that when requests to advertise do arise, we can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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