Link ICT Services Limited

“I initially appointed SMC to help us build our portfolio of local businesses across the East Midlands. Then we were faced with increased demand for secure and robust IT and telecoms systems caused by the coronavirus pandemic has increased dramatically. This had the potential to create data protection and safeguarding issues, particularly for school teachers and so we needed to ensure we were communicating in a sensitive way that we could help solve these problems.”

He added, “Whilst most businesses were prepared,  some businesses had to rush to provide remote access and it is these businesses who are now looking to improve security given that remote working is likely to be a more permanent arrangement. We also found that some companies are not able to seamlessly divert phone calls made to company landlines to employees working from home. Instead they have been using their own mobile phones to return calls.”

“Simple Marketing Consultancy has guided us throughout. They have helped us ensure we appointed the right web developer and have set up the marketing systems we need to enable us to embark on a regular, well targeted programme of marketing communications which has helped us plan for both the short and long term.”