Is celebrating a company anniversary in 2021 the right thing to do?

Mather Jamie Company Anniversary

As we emerge from one of the most challenging years most of us will have experienced, many business owners may still be feeling a little cautious about sharing good news.

Four times already this year we have had lengthy discussions with MDs of companies that will reach significant company anniversaries in 2021 because they are hesitant as to whether it is right to celebrate when so many are still in difficulty.

First and foremost, this decision is personal. However, our view is that a significant company anniversary deserves recognition because over this period you will have no doubt experienced your own share of highs and lows. Therefore the fact that you have successfully reached your milestone should be worth commemorating. Plus, there are ways to celebrate that are respectful to the hard times some businesses are still experiencing.

Another reason it is worth reflecting back during an anniversary year is because this often provokes a review of business performance and a discussion as to whether your brand and marketing strategy are still a true reflection of these ambitions.

For many businesses, the outcome is a new strategic plan for growth which can often include an update of the brand identity, a new website and may be even a desire to carry out promotional activity in a more focused and cost effective way to achieve growth targets and change outdated perceptions.

So far in 2021, we have helped long standing client Tecserv UK mark their 20th anniversary. We have also been newly appointed to help Mather Jamie celebrate their 30th anniversary, and hope another company will be happy take our advice and mark their 25th anniversary.

Company Anniversary Marketing Campaign

Each of these business owners were presented with a number of ideas and each chose to tailor their response according to their own culture and how their market will perceive their campaign.

In 2020, we had hoped to celebrate our own 10th anniversary with a number of events which we had to scale back due to the pandemic, but we still marked the occasion as best we could.

Simple Marketing Consultancy | 10th birthday anniversary

Implementing a marketing plan focused on your anniversary means more new customers find out about your company as a result of the increased exposure that can be enjoyed from the PR publicity about the anniversary and the events arranged to celebrate the milestone.

During our company history we have experience of helping many businesses to celebrate and promote their company anniversary. The marketing communications we create are respectful, and we can honestly say that our involvement has helped maximise sales, increased profile, improved employee morale, attracted new staff and boosted enquiry levels.

Examples of companies we have helped include:

  • Award winning full digital agency Purpose Media – 5 year anniversary
  • Metal Railings and Gates specialists Alpha Rail – 35 year anniversary
  • Fire & Security Installation specialists Tecserv UK – 15 & 20 year anniversary
  • Care Home & Residential Property Developers Wybrook Homes – 30 year anniversary
  • Electronic Passenger Information Display specialists Infotec – 21st anniversary
  • Specialist land development and property consultancy – Mather Jamie – 30th anniversary
  • Ecology consultants, RammSanderson – 5th anniversary
  • Bespoke joinery specialists Edson & Company launched a new website on their 135th anniversary
  • And finally…..we are planning for the 100th anniversary for Merritts in 2022.

If your business is celebrating a company anniversary in 2021 and considering how to create a campaign that is respectful but effective, Simple Marketing Consultancy can help. If you are considering a change in direction or want to invigorate your marketing plan, please get in touch.


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