What lies ahead for marketing strategy in 2021?

Elliot Cook & Bev Cook from Simple Marketting consultancy in Nottingham

Account Director Elliot Cook was asked by East Midlands Business Link Magazine to have a go at predicting what lies ahead for marketing strategy in 2021. Here are his views. What do you think?

Anyone trying to predict the future right now will probably find themselves scratching their head given the wild outcomes 2020 has thrown at us all. Despite an awful year, that is no reason not to be optimistic as we head into 2021. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I predict those that have a robust marketing strategy will survive stronger and fitter for their investment.

Let’s get the ‘C’ word out the way first and sorry folks but, given we have just gone into yet another lockdown, I don’t see any change to the current economy until at least Spring time. By which point I’m hopeful that the vaccine will be as effective as they say it will be and we can start planning for some sort of a normal summer.

Like always, January is the most popular time to assess marketing strategy and prepare your business. However I think those who have not already done this and are still waiting for when we get the green light to return to life as normal are going to struggle. The lasting legacy of COVID has been it forced lots of businesses to rethink their product or service offering, with many adopting digital strategies to sell more online. Personally I see this as an accelerating trend that we all need to get on board with.

I’m predicting that businesses who invest and put a robust plan together over the coming months will be the ones who accelerate away and those who don’t invest in marketing will be left standing. Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand and hope for the best. Businesses that are proactive and bold in their marketing approach will reap rewards as normality returns.

If you wish to review your marketing strategy, would like to expand into new markets or win new customers, need to revitalise your website and online product/service offering or would simply like to professionalise your approach to marketing so it is more targeted and done on a regular basis – get in touch we can help and many of our satisfied clients will testify.

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