How to enhance the impact of webinars and keynote speaking opportunities

How to enhance the impact of webinars and keynote speaking opportunities

Despite the lack of business networking events and conferences taking place, we’ve discovered some innovative solutions that will still make it possible to get your branded marketing promotional gifts on the desks of your customers and prospects.

Savvy marketing promotional gift suppliers are now also offering to do the fulfilment.

Many have set up online portals where delegates who sign up for webinars and online events can also select from a range of promotional gifts which the event sponsors opt to provide as part of their package.

If you have decided to be a keynote speaker or your company is hosting or sponsoring an online event you might want to raise your profile further and boost the long term effectiveness of taking part in the event by sending participants a lasting reminder of your brand. GDPR issues and the fact that many people are still working from home are solved by the fact each delegate is sent a unique link to redeem their gift and will need to provide a mailing address.

The promotional merchandise we’d suggest includes sending branded note books for delegates to record their thoughts and ideas. Obviously the pen, pencil and post-it note holder are still very popular, and depending on your budget, you could also get quite creative with your messaging depending on what your business does.

In the past, we have helped our clients send gardening kits, boxes of beer, chocolate packs, desk sets, clocks, mobile phone holders, tins of sweets, highlighter pen sets, rulers – even branded hand sanitiser bottles and anti bacterial desk wipes could now be an option!

On the basis that we are unlikely to be able to meet face to face to build lasting relationships, at least for the foreseeable future, perhaps this is the next best option to keep your brand profile high.

We think it is a superb example of how innovative businesses have adapted as a result of changes to demand caused by some very unpredictable external market influences.

We’ve done a quick “Google” search for “promotional merchandise fulfilment” and have briefly researched some of the companies that offer this service. If you’d like to know who we’d recommend please get in touch.

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