Chartered Marketer Status renewed for 2020/21

Bev Cook Chartered Marketer Nottingham

Simple Marketing Consultancy is pleased to announce that Founder and Managing Director, Bev Cook has had her Chartered Marketer status re-approved until 30 June 2021.

Each year the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) assesses the quality of its members continued professional development (CPD) to determine whether or not to grant Chartered Marketer Status.

Much like other professions, such as the legal, accounting and banking sector, ‘Chartered’ status is the pinnacle achievement for any professional and is the symbol of an experienced and trusted practitioner.

To achieve this status a chartered marketer must continually demonstrate they have kept up to date with the changes in customer trends and attitudes, advancement in marketing technologies and the adoption of latest in marketing best practices.

In order to retain her CIM status, as well as completing 35 hours of continued professional development (CPD), Bev had to complete an on-line skills assessment questionnaire and write four reflective statements answering how in her role at Simple Marketing Consultancy, she has continuously improved her skills.

Her reflective statements covered the following topics;

  1. Integrated marketing Communications
  2. Mentoring/Coaching Clients
  3. General business skills from being Lady Captain at The Nottinghamshire
  4. Imparting Knowledge by being on a webinar focused on helping businesses survive the pandemic.


Simple Marketing Consultancy in Nottingham is a chartered marketer

The Chartered Marketer logo is the mark of a qualified practitioner.

The authority to grant the esteemed Chartered Marketer Status was approved by The Queen’s Privy Council in 1998 and ever since The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been recognising professional excellence by awarding Chartered status. The official patron of the CIM is HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.

If you have a potential marketing project to discuss, that requires the knowledge of a chartered marketing professional please email or






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