Have you paid your company data protection fee?


This week we received our letter from the Information Commissioners Office advising us that Simple Marketing Consultancy Limited needed to pay its data protection fee.

Have you paid your data protection fee?

The penalty for non payment is a fine of up to £4,000 so we wanted to remind our clients and contacts to register on the ICO website and either pay the fee or register as exempt.

The Data Protection Regulations 2018 require every business that processes personal information to register and pay a data protection fee to the ICO. There are very few situations where a company will be exempt so we encourage you to check on line.

You can do this by visiting www.ico.org.uk/fee-checker. You will be guided through a series of questions about how you process and use data which will also include use of surveillance cameras (such as CCTV).

If you have to pay a fee there are options to pay straight away by credit or debit card for a fee of £40 or £60 depending on this size of your company. There is also the option to pay by direct debit with a £5 discount.

If, having completed the fee checker assessment you find that you are exempt, you will need to advise the ICO by completing the form. You can do this by visiting www.ico.ork.uk/no-fee.

The letter stated that the deadline for payment or registering was exempt is 27 March 2020.

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