What is UX marketing and why is it important?

UX Marketing Nottingham

UX marketing and UX design are terms that are being used much more frequently in marketing.

They are used to describe marketing strategies and graphic or creative design that are based on user experience (UX/UD).

Why is UX/UD important?

Many may argue that marketers have always been focused on the needs of their customers, after all, without this intelligence, you might as well try to hit a golf ball at a target whilst blind folded.

UX marketing is more important now because the advent of new technology, data analysis tools, CRM software means that customers can be profiled more accurately, products can be bespoke more readily, and thanks to social media, this means the user experience – good or bad – has a much wider, even global reach. On the basis that a bad word always spreads twice as quick as a good one – one begins to see why delivering positive user experiences has become a high priority.

This also means that during your promotional planning stage user experience becomes much more of a consideration as the needs of each individual and how your product meets these needs must be much clearly conveyed.

Gone are the days of gaining an advantage purely on price or an incentivised offer! Offers need to be far more bespoke and tailored to the individual. There is a far greater emphasis on user psychology and understanding how they make decisions.

The design and the wording has to be much more persuasive, and the stage these buyers are in their decision making cycle considered, such that they are moved from having no awareness through to awareness, interest, desire and action based on the knowledge you are building on them through their interactions with your company.

You might be gathering this intelligence from the details they provide to you (in a GDPR compliant manner) as well as intelligence from data sources such as website analytics, email and social media interactions , enquiry forms and telephone calls.

Harnessing the power of this intelligence and being able to incorporate these insights into both your communications and the processes you use to determine how and when you communicate with your target audiences can make your marketing smarter, save you thousands, as well as help build brand and customer loyalty.

UX has become a vital part of the marketing mix because of the direct impact it can have on sales conversions, but also because of the influence it can have on the users opinion of your brand, products and services.

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