How is the shift to mass customisation influencing marketing?

Mass customisation

The introduction of modern technology has undoubtedly rewritten the rules of building brands, innovation, media, creativity and retail forever. If the internet served as the vehicle, then the mobile phone was the driver behind mass customisation influencing the way we market to our audience.

The mobile phone is unlocking consumer control, greater audience, empowerment and choice to a level we have never seen before, towards an era of focussed segmentation.

Traditionally, marketing communications and campaigns have been created to suit the dominant majority but as we head towards the era of personalisation marketers must have the capability to develop campaigns for the individual. Consequently, businesses need to start rethinking their marketing strategy to avoid being left behind the times.

Who is today’s consumer?

Empowered, tech savvy consumers are gaining increasing control over the branded messages they receive and how they shop, especially with data protection regulations soon to be implemented. As people instinctively turned to their mobile phone consumers’ expectations of value, convenience, and immediacy of response from brands are becoming increasingly demanding.

In this instance, a search function becomes they key to act as the filter to enable the consumer to individually customise what they are looking for. For example, searches for “open now” have tripled since 2015 and mobile searches related to “same-day delivery” have grown over 120% since 2015. When it comes to relevance, expectation is accelerating rapidly. Since early this year, the volume for local searches without including the specification “near me” have outgrown comparable searches which did include it.

What should be marketers be doing?

In the world of marketing and technology, it can quite often be daunting and sometimes overwhelming to face this new era of mass customisation.

In essence, businesses need to ensure their marketing campaigns do 3 things;

  1. Put the consumer first – Ensure you understand the new and complex consumer journey and clearly establish where your product or service should be present to add the most value. Having your consumer at the centre of your marketing strategy will help you to connect with them on a one to one basis.
  2. Cut through the nonsense and build brand loyalty by standing for something meaningful. People don’t just want a product to buy, they want an idea to buy into.
  3. Mobile is rewriting communication and commerce, changing the relationship between brands and people forever. With half of the world still waiting to join the online world, we are only at the foothills of what is possible. The brands that lead the way in this area, providing consumers with a seamless, user friendly experience, are the brands that will win in the future.

Simple Marketing Consultancy has helped many of its client to make the transition from mass marketing to mass customisation. We have helped our clients to understand their consumers marketing personas and from that been able to tailor a marketing strategy fully customised to the customers.

Whether that be via using traditional marketing tactics or developing an online strategy, we can help you transition into this new era of marketing.

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