Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Create A Sales Funnel?

Email marketing funnel

In our profession, the use of email marketing has become one of the most effective channels implemented as part of your marketing strategy. Like everything in marketing though, terminologies and strategies are constantly evolving and the term ‘email funnel’ has emerged.

Now for those that don’t know what an email funnel is, let’s take a moment to explain. Whilst for some it may be the latest marketing buzzword, for most it’s simply a way to describe the sales funnel generated by email marketing.

The funnel or what is more commonly known as the “sales pipeline” is a consumer-focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical journey a prospective customer may take in their discovery of your product and their eventual decision to buy a product or service.

An email funnel is an automated chain of email marketing messages which guides a lead towards the purchase of a product or service.

Email marketing funnelWhereas perhaps previously, email marketing software would be used to send out newsletters or one off campaigns to your list of prospects and customers, unless that individual then immediately made an enquiry to buy, the sales process would probably end there.

Sometimes an eager marketer or sales person might review the report on click thru’s and do some follow up telephone calls or emails, but usually the lead goes cold. This approach is very manual, time consuming and pretty ineffective, never mind creating the impression of a hard sell.

This is where automated response emails come in quite handy.

Once an individual clicks a link, the software can be programmed to send a further email that is tailored towards the content that was clicked in the previous email. The idea is that the new content engages the prospect and further educates them on their journey of discovery, and hopefully teasing them along with an offer that finally makes them purchase.

Long gone are the days of having to manually reply to a prospect. Advances in both customer relationship management (CRM) software and email marketing software means that automated emails can be delivered at exact trigger points. They benefit from being personalised and relevant to the reader. This will result in users opening and clicking more frequently, thus driving visits and revenue to your business.

According to research, *96% of visitors to your website, aren’t yet ready to buy, but what they have done is shown a clear interest in what you have to offer and that is what makes them perfect candidates for your continued communications.

Email funnels can save valuable time, by sending reminders over an agreed time period about relevant content to decision makers who aren’t quite ready to buy.

Using the latest email marketing software, it is now possible to take one connection and create an entire personalised journey for a customer based on their interests and interactions with a brand. A business can convert first-time customers into repeat customers by automatically sending them an email with a deal on their next purchase

If you would like more information on how email funnels could be implemented into your digital marketing strategy, please get in touch.




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