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For the best part of 10 years Google has been the face of the internet and long classed as the global powerhouse at the forefront of the technology industry. In recent years, however their influence on businesses around the world has increasingly become more significant.

Last year alone Google spent a mere $9.8 billion on research and development programs that only accounted for 15% of their overall revenue. With investments like that it’s fair to say that Google knows a thing or two about how to be successful in business.

So why not take note when they issue advice?

g_logo_of_googleGoogle has revolutionised how we go about our daily lives. Surfing the web has never been easier and we have now have instant information at the touch of button. For businesses around the world they really have changed the game in how we promote and sell not just domestically, but on a global scale too. The search engine processes over 40,000 searches every second equating to 3.5 billion search per day. With online traffic on the rise businesses are increasingly taking the opportunity to spend big on Adword campaigns in a bid to reaching a bigger audience. With stats like that this doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why so many businesses are rethinking their online strategies in an attempt to reach the holy grail of reaching the top of the search rankings.

What is so refreshing about Google is that even though they are clearly so dominant with their finger in literally every pie going, they still continue to make an incredible commitment to helping business succeed.

Think with Google is the search engines latest tool at attempting to equip businesses with inside knowledge and insight into the latest technological advances and best practices. The site is continually updated with the latest content regarding a variety of different industry sectors.

Google’s daily E news is also a handy tool to be received on a daily basis, and again it provides the subscriber with the ability to tailor the news stories they receive in a bid to ensure the content they receive is relevant and relatable to their industry sector.

With Google continuing to influence how we go about our daily business, it is clearly time that we sit down, listen and continue to embrace their wisdom. Alternatively, we may run the risk of being left behind the crowd!

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