Would your business survive a cyber attack?

Cyber crime seminar invitation Nottingham, Leicester & Birmingham


Cyber risk is a hot topic, but so far, from an advisory point of view most seminars have all been about engendering fear and uncertainty. The risk that manufacturing processes can be affected, bank accounts hacked and personal data stolen is growing, and many of their causes can be avoided if you know what to look for and have the right risk strategy and insurance protection in place.

We are helping our client JLT Specialty organise an event which will help you protect your business. There is a fantastic line up of specialist advisers, such as JLT Specialty, Berea Group, and a real life case study from Clarity Travel Management, a company which has implemented a robust cyber security risk strategy.

Cyber crime seminar invitation Nottingham, Leicester & BirminghamThis team promises to deliver an educational seminar to really help you protect your business from cyber crime.

The free seminar programme is designed not to scare you (albeit some of the examples are quite frightening) but to enlighten you as to how your company can assess and implement practical solutions that have simplified cyber risk management for organisations worldwide.

This seminar will present facts and solutions that will help you implement, manage and monitor a robust cyber risk management strategy.


TIME: 10.00am to 2.00pm

VENUE: ANSTY HALL, Ansty, Coventry CV7 9HZ

Full event details are available by downloading the full seminar programme berea-cyber-seminar-272707-flyer5.

To register, please email louise_bilbie@jltgroup.com



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