Marketing FIZZ – latest buzz word related to the 7 P’s

FIZZ is the new buzz phrase in marketing

Marketing is all about promotion of the right products, to the right customers, at the right time/place at the right price to be profitable. In a service business the people delivering the service must be experienced and customer focused, your processes must make it easy for you to deal with so that you meet or exceed customer expectations, and you must have the physical evidence or credentials to convince buyers you can do the job. These are known as the seven P’s.

FIZZ is the new buzz phrase in marketing

FIZZ is the new buzz phrase in marketing

It is well known to Marketers that the use of the ‘P’s is an essential tool in developing a successful marketing strategy, but now two more elements and a new buzz word have entered the mix.

The two new elements are Personalisation and Painless. Sounds simple but the element Personalisation refers to being specific to your prospective and current customers requirements and in an era where personalised goods are almost expected, it is hard to ignore this “P” in the marketing mix if you are wanting to take your marketing to the next level.

The newest “P” in your marketing mix is painless. Your target audience needs to feel effortlessly engaged in your interactions so that you can easily develop a “pain free” strategy designed for success.




A new buzzword has recently entered the market and that is FIZZ. So how do you make your marketing FIZZ.

F – Foresight – Planning ahead has never been more important. In this exciting era of all things being digital, the click of a button can unleash terror on current and prospective customers. In-cohesive and badly executed marketing campaigns can damage your business image and undermine your sales process. Remember 80% planning and only 20% selling.

 I – Interactivity – It has never been easier to reach, listen to and engage with your audience to gain a proper understanding of their needs, but the process doesn’t end there! Encouraging your existing customers to be more interactive is also essential for greater productivity.

Z – Zone In – Most businesses, brands or products will have a number of different audiences, each with specific requirements. The need for personalisation has never been so necessary. Are you trying to be one glove fits all type of service on your website or your literature? If so you may be missing a trick and missing the mark completely!

 Z – Zero Tolerance – Very much in relation to the new “P” of marketing “ Painless” audiences need to feel uncomplicatedly engaged. Digital is everywhere and that can scare, so it is imperative that you KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Ensure people know who you are and what you are offering. Once you have grabbed hold of the interest, ensure you provide the best possible experience.

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