The eye test is as important as exams

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According to Radcliffe on Trent Optician Lesley Cree, local students are now facing weeks of revision, culminating in further weeks of exams – a strain which may make them mis-read the exam paper if their eye sight has been affected by too much reading!

Student Olly Cree prepares for his exams with an eye test

Exam students will be preparing colour-coded, beautifully designed revision timetables; notes are being checked and organised; and exam technique is being polished. But, amongst all the academic and psychological preparation there is one very important task that really should be arranged as soon as possible, so that on the day, students will be able to actually see their exam paper properly, and that is booking an appointment to get their eyes checked.

Lesley Cree commented, “Healthy eyes are a vital part of successful exam preparation and it would be far better to discover if there is a problem now, when it can be so easily rectified with glasses or contact lenses, than to discover too late that there was an underlying difficulty with their eyesight.”

Eye health is particularly important during the exam season and yet research carried out by Sight Care, the UK support network for independent opticians, shows that over 60% of parents do not encourage their children to have their eyes checked. Shockingly one in ten parents believes that their children had their eyes tested at school and nearly 10% said their children’s eyes were never examined.

According to the British Contact Lens Association, nearly one in three children aged between 16-19 years old requires vision correction. Exams are therefore a perfect time to schedule an eye exam.



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