CK Group install new blender

Simple Marketing Consultancy issue press release on behalf of CK Group

A new 50 cubic meter plastic regrind blender has been installed at the Binbrook processing plant of CK Group, Europe’s leading provider of recycled plastics.

Chris Collier and the new blender

The new blending machine has been manufactured in stainless steel to the company’s own bespoke specifications by Gutteridges, a leading UK manufacturer of bulk materials handling machinery.

The new blending machine will boost the capacity for the CK Group to produce homogenous plastic regrind of consistent quality to a defined specification suitable for use by the compound and injection moulding markets. Measuring 4m wide by 9 meters tall, it is capable of blending 20 tonnes of regrind per run and features magnets and a de-duster which will further enhance quality.

Commenting, Chris Collier, Group Commercial Director said, “Combined with the expert analysis available from our laboratory team, which is one of the largest in the industry, the new blender will further enhance our reputation for being able to source and supply plastic regrinds that perform consistently and cost efficiently throughout the manufacturing process.”

He added, “At the core of the CK Group business proposition is a commitment to operate ethically and to a consistently high standard. Everything that is processed through our Binbrook facility is rigorously tested to ensure the resultant regrind and compound will perform as promised, with the minimum of machine adjustments during the end product manufacturing process.”

Founded in 1990, the CKGroup is now a fast growing,dynamic company, with a combined turnover of £24 million and 65 employees.


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