CK Group rebrand underpins further growth and quality improvements

CK Group rebrand
The CK Group, Europe’s leading provider of recycled plastic regrind, has announced that is about to embark on another phase of expansionwhich includes; plans to rebrand, a re-structure of operating divisions, significant investment in new plant and machinery, and many new appointments and promotions.

From 9 June 2014, the company rebranded  as “CK Group” with four distinct operating divisions. It’s a change the company believes will lead to customers having a muchbetter understanding of the products and services each division has to offer across the global market places in which it now buys and sells plastic and quality regrind for recycling.

Commenting, Managing Director Mark Whitney, said: “We were conscious that our future expansion plans required much greater clarity both internally and externally on what each division did. We had grown as a business but our brand image was somewhat confusing and out dated given our size and the presence we now have across globalmarkets and our growingreputation for supplying quality products to buyers eager for consistency.”


The company re-structuremeans that the services previously offered by CK Plastics Recycling now fall under “CK Polymers”. This division will focus on the collection, processingand distribution of waste plastic for recycling, and the sourcing and selling of rGrade regrinds in the UK and Europe.

The processing of scrap for recycling will be through CKGroup facilities which are located at Binbrook Lincolnshire and Melrose in Scotland, or its network of recycling partners across the UK and Ireland. CKPolymers will source and supply all types of quality plastic and broker deals with its extensive network of buyers.

CK Hong Kong will continue to grow and develop its focus on the sourcing of recycled plastic suitable for use by marketsin Asia and the Far East.

CK Compounds, the newest division in the group, supplies plastics manufacturing, injection moulding and extrusion companies with a wide range of quality compounds made from 100% recycled plastic sourced from the UK.

CK Services has been completely renamed. Formerly CK Distribution,the re-brand removes any ambiguity that this is simply a distribution outfit. The division now holds contracts on behalf of over 300local authorities and can further capitalise on its unique selling points. CK Services works with wheeled bin manufacturers, local authorities and waste management companies to distribute wheeled bins and kerb-side recycling boxes to households across the UK. It taps into the contacts of the CK Group to provide a complete “closed loop solution” to both deliver the new bins, and to also collect them for recycling at the end of their life.

Over thelast year the CK Group has investedheavily in staff and operating processes having recently installed new shredding and grinding capacity, a new washline, a new 20 tonne blender, doubled the size of its laboratory team, appointed a quality manager, and three new recruits and two internal promotions at CK Hong Kong. CK Services have also made several new team leader appointments.

Founded in 1990, the CKGroup is now a fast growing,dynamic company, with a combined turnover of £24 million and 65 employees.






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